This was posted to Bhuz by Tourbeau in response to the question: "How did your significant other react when you began belly dancing?" She has kindly given me permission to repost it here.

The Five Stages of Belly Dance Coupledom

by Tourbeau

1. Excitement: "Really? You're going to take up sexy dancing?"

2. Anger: "Wait a minute. How much is this going to cost? And where's dinner? I thought we were going to have dinner together, and now you're telling me you have to go to class. Didn't you just go to class on Tuesday night, too? This is taking over your life!"

3. Bargaining: "Hmm, well, okay. If you're going to a workshop all weekend, then I'm getting that new titanium putter."

4. Depression: "Of course, dear, I wouldn't dream of missing your hafla. I love three-hour hen parties with strange-sounding music and amateur dancers."

5. Acceptance: "Yeah, you heard right. My wife's a belly dancer. It's totally not what you're imagining."