The Five Stages of Belly Dance Coupledom - What's it really like to be a belly dancer's significant other? Tourbeau has the answer!

A Rough Guide to the Styles of Belly Dance - A work in progress.

Class Materials

Handouts - Class handouts and choreography notes (password required).

Further Education - Articles, video reviews, song translations and more. is an encyclopaedic resource for Middle Eastern dancers.

Morocco's Meanderings - New York-based dancer Morocco's site hosts a variety of articles on her dance research and her experiences in the Middle East.

The Gilded Serpent- An online magazine on Middle Eastern music and dance: keep up with everything from costuming trends in Cairo to the latest academic research on the dance.

Jas's Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ - How can you dance without knowing what you're dancing to? Jas's page breaks down all the rhythms you're likely to encounter in Middle Eastern music.

Zaghareet - Zaghareet Magazine's website hosts a dancer directory and a national events calendar.


Bhuz - Home to an international forum for belly dancers. Dancers of all levels are welcome to ask questions and participate in threads.

Belly Dance Forums - Another excellent site for discussing dance topics.

Belly Dance Community of Connecticut - Events calendar and community information for all things belly dance in Connecticut. Requires a Yahoo ID.

Northeast Belly Dance Association (NBDA) - Social organization for dancers in New England and neighbouring northeast states.

Belly Dance New England - Information on events, teachers, and dancers throughout New England.

East Coast Middle Eastern Dance Association (ECMEDA) - An online community for Middle Eastern dancers across the East Coast.


Raqs Ainsley Designs - Original dance clothing designs for practice or daily wear.

L. Rose Designs - Elegant, custom-made dance clothing for practice or performance.

Moondance - A wide assortment of inexpensive costumes and dance props.

A'kai Silks - Beautiful silk veils hand-dyed in Hawai'i.

Fairy Cove Silks - Another source of gorgeous, hand-dyed silk veils.

Saroyan - Maker of high quality finger cymbals.

Maqam - An enormous selection of CDs straight from the Middle East and music arranged for dance.

CD Baby - Distributor for many North American artists who play Middle Eastern music.

Cheeky Girls - Reasonably-priced performance DVDs and instructionals packed with information.

World Dance New York - Another great source of instructional and performance DVDs.