Ainsley dances Oriental style to Warda at the first annual Intercollegiate Middle Eastern Dance Conference at Columbia University:

Egyptian Saidi cane dance at the DanceNL 2013 Annual General Meeting:

Egyptian Oriental at RIAC's 2013 Summer Cultural Festival:


Photos courtesy of SRC Imaging, Elise Gannett, Blake Robinson,
Omar Mejia, Carla Licavoli, asterix611, and Diana Richter of DESK.

In the News

Back in the Swing of Things - Telegram article, September 5, 2008

"Good weather and a great turnout also made the annual Pippy Park Summerfest a success.... A new addition, which was a hit with the audience, was Egyptian dancing, introduced by Ainsley of St. John's who was home for the holidays."

- The Telegram, St. John's, Newfoundland, September 5, 2008

Belly Dance: An Exotic Cross-Training Option - What's Happening Article, September 2008
"The workshop class had about 20 students. Our instructor, Ainsley, began with yoga-type stretches, then quickly took us into the unarticulated Ghawazee shimmy done to an Egyptian Saidi rhythm (an earthy drumbeat that goes "Dum Tek - Dum Dum Tek").... Watching myself in the mirror, practising over and over, I gradually got a feel for letting the momentum of the foot stamp shake my body's core in a shimmying motion. Bizarre and amazing at the same time!

"... My thighs and butt were already feeling that distinctive "burn" from a good, solid workout. Not only that, I felt proud of myself for doing something so extraordinary -- and potentially embarrassing -- in front of strangers.

"Belly dancing classes this fall? Sign me up!"

- What's Happening Magazine, St. John's, Newfoundland, September 2008

Ainsley and Rebecca represent the Yale Belly Dance Society on WTNH Channel 8's CT Style, March 16, 2010: